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Welcome to Within the Shadows

You are like everyone else. Normal, you have your average job, go to school, party with your friends. That’s right your an everyday boring old human in our world, today; yes this very moment is when you are and who you are.

The Cold Chill

In time will see the truth of your existence. It is not something simple. It is not you live and die. It is you live in a world made for you by “Them”, a peaceful society a utopia for the sheep. “baahaa!” Hi sheep, welcome to the truth.


Now that Ive spouted some basic theme and plot points. Lets have some fun making the norms for the game. Think of a human between the ages 16 – 22.

Who is this person?
What does this person do?
When: I will intro you to it
Where: another plot hook
Why you ask? Do " They " really need a reason? Your sheep.

Character creation:

By the book: World of Darkness Core rules Pg 34
Creation Numbers
Merits available are in the following books:

*World of Darkness
*Armory Reloaded
*Dogs of War

Then add 50 XP after all is said and done.

Character History

Please take time and write a history for your PC that will reflect the concept. this will give us something to work towards.

Know that your PC has not had any Supernatural run ins as of yet. Know that military background is permitted. (Ref: Dogs of War)

If you have any questions please do contact me.

Main Page

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